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Co-founder and President, Metrucub – resources for culture

02/2012 – Current, Bucharest, Romania


  • strategic planning.
  • organisational and project management.
  • research, advocacy, event-management, grant-writing, consultancy.

CubicMetre – Resources for Culture is a Bucharest-based NGO set up in 2012 with the aim of providing a platform for meetings, debates and expertise for the professionals in the field of culture. Our organisation explores, supports and helps develop the cultural sector through specialised studies and interdisciplinary projects and by creating concrete favourable contexts where artists, cultural operators, researchers and authorities can meet and communicate. We believe in the important role of arts and culture in the development of each individual and of society as a whole and we advocate for professional cultural management and a democratic process of substantiating cultural policies at national and local level.

Co-founder and Managing Partner, helianthus research SRL

02/2016 – Current

Bucharest, Romania


  • project management.
  • research, advocacy, event-management, consultancy.

Helianthus Research SRL is an independent research, training and consultancy business in the cultural and educational fields. Founded in 2016, it works both for Romanian and international clients. Its international clients portfolio comprises: European Network of Cultural Centres ENCC (Belgia), City of Oslo (Norvegia), Stadt Chemnitz (Germania), Public Policy and Management Institute (Lituania), Asia-Europe Foundation (Singapore), aspire-igen group (Marea Britanie), EUROCHAMBRES ASSOCIATION DES CHAMBRES DE COMMERCE ET INDUSTRIE EUROPÉENNES, A.I.S.B.L (Belgia), FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o. (Polonia). In Romania, it worked for private and public entities, such as Asociația Da’DeCe, Fundația AltArt, Asociația 37, Asociația Secția de coregrafie, Asociația Filmetc, Primăria Municipiului Timișoara (Casa de Cultură a Municipiului Timișoara), Asociaţia Colectiv A, Centrul Cultural Clujean.

Cultural Management Academy

14/09/2021 – 19/09/2021: Theme of the workshop: Frames for cooperation: local networks, as part of New Regional Cultural Cooperation 2021, organised by EUNIC Romania cluster.

27/07/2020 – 01/08/2020: Theme of the workkshop: Presentation and exercices following the study The contemporary dance scene in Romania. CULTURAL MANAGEMENT ACADEMY 2020. Laboratory of the Absent Body. Reset Scenarios for Performing Arts is organised by Colectiv A Cluj and Goethe-Institut București, in collaboration with.

02/07/2018 – 06/07/2018: Theme of the workshop: Working together in multidisciplinary teams and consortia to promote and educate about/through cultural heritage. Cultural Management Academy 2018 is a training programme organised by Goethe- Institute București, ARCUB and EUNIC România. It aims to consolidate the relations between the independent and the public sectors and suggests to debate topics such as cultural heritage, public support campaigns, but also the way in which we integrate the idea of heritage in rural and urban development.

03/07/2017 – 07/07/2017: Theme of the workshop: Planning for our cultural future – process and results and How can we take advantage from the cultural strategy of a city and cultural opportunities such as ECCA, how can we imagine our next step? What is our role as cultural operators in the city? Cultural Management Academy 2018 is a training programme organised by Goethe- Institute București, ARCUB and EUNIC România. It aims to consolidate the relations between the independent and the public sectors, and the theme for 2017 is Capacity building for culture in the framework of cultural strategies.

Local Networks: (a guide to) Reimagining the Work of Cultural Centres (EN)

2021 European Network of Cultural Centres

Role: author

How can cultural organisation struggling for resources, time and energy join forces with other similar organisations? How can policymaker create conditions to support this type of cooperation on the local level? What about the crazy way many small cultural organisations seem to operate? Is it creative chaos, disfunction, or something else altogether? Written as part of the ENCC Hubs to Nodes research project (2018-2021), the guide offers tools for thinking rather than step-by-step advice. It scrutinises the way cultural organisations work and opens perspectives that are anchored in research and existing theory rather than in common wisdom and hopeful thinking. The publication also offers a treasure box of case studies of local cultural networks across Europe, from ENCC membership and beyond

Mapping the social dialogue in the commercial live performance sector. Country report: Romania (RO, EN)

2020 Insula 42

Role: research assistant

This report presents the results of a mapping and analysis of social dialogue in commercial live performance sector in Romania. It is a part of a larger study covering also Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Serbia run by the social partners of the EU social dialogue committee in the live performance sector, namely PEARLE* – Live Performance Europe and the EAEA (composed of EURO-MEI, FIA and FIM), and which is co-funded by the EU.