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Papers / Research

Thinking and managing audiences – looking at cultural institutions in Timișoara (working title, available only in Romanian) | an analysis commissioned by the Association Timișoara – European Capital of Culture to Asociația MetruCub – resurse pentru cultură | author | December 2018

O ieșire culturală cu elevii în București. Instituțiile publice se prezintă școlilor (Romanian) | produced by CubicMetre – resources for culture | editor | November 2017

“Let’s Talk Ethics: Cultural planning and Participation in Local Cultural Strategies” in Polis and the People – Looking into the Future of Urban Cultural Policies (editor: Rosa Pérez Monclús) (English) | Culture Action Europe | May 2017

Improving access to the labor market for at risk groups – services offered through community centres - RO Îmbunătățirea accesului pe piața muncii pentru persoanele în situații de risc – servicii oferite prin centrele comunitare (Romanian) | produced by Helianthus Research for the City of Oslo | co-author | March 2017

“Grup sau comunitate: cum creștem cultura în educație?” in Noii industriași, creativii (editors: Oana Năsui and Minodora Cerin) (Romanian)| PostModernism Museum Publishing House | November 2016

Managing the Științescu Fund for innovation in teaching sciences in schools – grantmaking guide for community foundations (Romanian) | Helianthus Research for the Romanian National Federation of Community Foundations | March 2017

National Strategy for Culture and National Heritage 2016-2022  (Romanian) | Romanian Ministry of Culture | coordinator of the radical revision process | 2016

Da’DeCe să mă întorc în timp? by Iulia Iordan (Romanian) | produced by CubicMetre – resources for culture and Asociația Da’DeCe | co-author of the Methodology part of the publication | 2016

Contemporary art – a place for learning and play (Romanian) | produced by Asociația Da’DeCe | co-author | 2016

Support culture in education – development of a knowledge-based network for acces to culture in Romanian schools (Romanian) | published in the Romanian Review of Pedagogy nr.1/2016 | author

Programe, rețele și instituții care susțin cultura în educație. Ghid pentru decidenții publici (Romanian) | produced by CubicMetre – resources for culture in the frame of the project Culture in education | co-author | 2016

The Living Library of Culture in Education (Romanian) | produced by CubicMetre – resources for culture in the frame of the project Culture in education | co-editor | 2015

Open Culture – the European and national context (Romanian)| produced by CubicMetre – resources for culture in collaboration with the the Romanian Open Society Foundation in the frame of the project Open Society Reports | co-author | February 2015

Cultural strategy of the municipality of Timișoara for 2014-2024 (Romanian)| commissioned to CubicMetre – resources for culture and the Association for Urban Transition by the Municipality of Timișoara | co-coordinator, cultural policy and cultural management expert | February – October 2014

Mapping the potential for the development of a creative quarter in Galaţi (Romanian) | commissioned by the Romanian National Network of Museums | October – November 2013

Why develop a network to support the presence of arts in education (Romanian) | published in the Romanian Review of Pedagogy nr.3/2013 | co-author with Mihai Iacob, Bianca Floarea and Ioana Tamaș

The House of Culture from the village of Conţeşti – the chance for a better life through arts and culture (Romanian) | an analysis within the cultural project “Wedding dances from Conţeşti – between the modern and the traditional” | organised by “Sintagma” Centre for Education and Training | October – November 2013

Policy brief Vulnerability of European Funds:  how EU money eludes us and what we can do to spend them wisely (Romanian) | part of the “Misuse of Public Funds in Romania Before and After EU Accession, from 2004 to 2012” implemented by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) | October 2013

Romania. Worst in her class (English) | published in The Anticorruption Report, vol.1: Within European Borders | co-authored with Valentina Dimulescu and Mădălina Doroftei | September 2013

Risks of corruption and the management of EU funds in Romania (Romanian)| published  in Romanian Journal of Political Science, Vol. 13, No. 1 | co-authored with Valentina Dimulescu and Mădălina Doroftei | Summer 2013

Cultural governance and the role of built heritage for sustainable local development - coordinator of a group of research and facilitation activitaties in the Rupea-Cohalm micro-region in the frame of the CULTEMA project (Romanian, English) | commissioned by the Romanian Ministry of Culture | March – May 2013

How Romanian cultural organisations approach their audiences and how they can develop together - literary review and research framework (Romanian) | commissioned by the Center for Studies and Consultancy in the Field of Culture – the Romanian Cultural Contact Point | January 2013

Socio-economic analysis of the social and educational impact of culture and the arts (Romanian) | coordinator of Workgroup 2 – culture with a cultural and educational impact, as part of the preparation for the structural funds accession period 2014-2020 | commissioned the Romanian Ministry of Culture | September 2012 – January 2013

Charter for a Living Culture (ro: Carta pentru Cultura Vie) | managing editor, co-author | publication part of the VOTE CULTURE 2012 project implemented by CubicMetre – resources for culture | published on behalf of the Coalition of the Independent Cultural Sector | October – November 2012

PARTICIPATION IN HERITAGE-LED PROJECTS – Analysis of the participative-process in decision-making concerning restoration, revitalization and valorisation of built heritage in the micro-region Rupea-Cohalm (Romanian and English) | commissioned by the Romanian Ministry of Culture in the frame of the CULTEMA project | July 2012

Subjective mapping of the Romanian independent cultural sector after 1989 (Romanian)co-editor together with Ştefania Ferchedău | published on behalf of the Coalition of the Independent Cultural Sector | publication part of the Active Culture – resources for participation and advocacy for the independent cultural sector by pplus4 Association | October – November 2011

Structural funds for culture – a necessary investment campaign (Romanian) | managing editor, co-author | published by ArtAct Magazine and banipentruarte | February – June 2011

How to fill in a funding application for the Culture 2007-2013 Programme of the European Union? (Romanian) | commissioned by the Consultancy Centre for European Cultural Programmes – the Romanian Cultural Contact Point | November – December 2009

Conferences / presentations

Trainer for the Cultural Management Academy 2018 in Bucharest – a post-graduate training programme organised by the Goethe Institute, ARCUB and EUNIC Romania. My intervention was entitled Working together in multidisciplinary teams and consortia to promote and educate about/through cultural heritage| July 2018

Trainer for the Arta’n casă – a training programme for emerging cultural managers organised by Asociația Contrasens in Timișoara and Socolari. My intervention was entitled Communicating culture| July 2018

The shared impact of culture + education – key intervention in the Beyond the Obvious conference in Rome, organised by the European network Culture Action Europe | November 2017

Trainer for the Cultural Management Academy 2017 in Bucharest – a post-graduate training programme organised by the Goethe Institute, ARCUB and EUNIC Romania. My interventions were entitled Planning for our cultural future – process and results  and How can we take advantage from the cultural strategy of a city and cultural opportunities such as ECCA, how can we imagine our next step? What is our role as cultural operators in the city? | July 2017

The Culture in education project and approach as an example of social innovation – presentation given at the Seminar on Social Innovation, organised by the European Network of Cultural Centres in Segovia (Spain) | April 2017

Culture in education – the project and the approach – presentation given at the EEA Scholarships Programme – a Plus in Education, organised by ANPCDEFP | March 2017

Co-initiator of the Culture in education Forum | First edition: April 2016

Moderator of a panel dedicated to theoretical approaches towards audience development in the frame of the Audience development conference organised by the Romanian Ministry of Culture – Creative Europe Desk (Culture sub-programme) | November 2015

The role of communities of practice in the field of cultural education presentation part of the 2nd edition of the Cultural Marketing conference, organised by the Bucharest Municipality Museum | November 2015

Linking practices to policies – how to we develop the field of culture in education presentation part of the de-a arhitectura Talks conferece, organised by the de-a arhitectura Association | November 2015

Support culture in education – what could be the value of a professional community of those that bring the arts in Romanian schools presentation part of the international conference dedicate to film in education, organised by Macondo Association | July 2015

Moderator of a focus-group dedicated to cultural education, part of the CULTURAL NGO 1.0 event, organised by the National Institute for Cultural Research and Training | June 2015

Public and Private Cultural Grantmaking in Romania After 1995 presentation part of the panel The Practice: Instruments and Approaches to Support the Cultural and Creative Sectors | Regional Seminar The Potential of Cultural and Creative Sectors in the Eastern Partnership Countries: Connect, Develop, Invest organised by the Ministry of Culture of Moldova and the European Commission, in the frame of the Eastern Partnership | June 2015

Cultural governance and local development through valorisation of built heritage in the frame of the CULTEMA PROJECT | final conference of the VIVA-EASTPART project – territorial development through an integrated approach of cultural and national heritage | October 2013

Consultations and deliberations for structural funds for culture in Romania 2014 – 2020 | presented at the “Sofia Conversations of Europe” conference | organised by “A Soul for Europe” initiative and the Foundation for Urban Projects and Research | September 2013

Advocacy for arts policy in Romania in the context of general elections: the project VOT CULTURA 2012
 | on behalf of the Coalition of the Independent Cultural Sector | Presented at the Trade Show (Knowledge Transfer Fair) | organised by Olga Ştefan Consulting | November 2012

Public cultural funding for non-profits | organised by the Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Arts | May and June 2012

Accountability and cooperation: artistic festivals on public funds research carried out together with Ioana Tamaş | presented at the European Festivals Research Project workshop | organised by the European Festivals Association EFA | October 2011


Cultural policy column in “Dilema Veche” magazine (since September 2013 as a shared space of CubicMetre NGO)
Other: Scena.ro, ArtAct Magazine, Alliance for a Clean Romania



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