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CubicMetre – Resources for Culture was founded in February 2012 by Bianca Floarea, Raluca Pop and Ioana Tamaș.


Raluca Iacob (Pop)

Raluca is a cultural policy professional, with a BA in communication studies and an MA in public policy at the Central European University in Budapest. Raluca worked for three years as a consultant for the Romanian Cultural Contact Point and coordinated the national campaign for the 2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. In 2010 she started an online project, banipentruarte (money for the arts), which has quickly become an important source of information about available funding for Romanian cultural operators. In 2011 she coordinated the first research and information campaign about how structural funds can support cultural projects in Romania. Raluca is also an active member of the Coalition of the Independent Cultural Sector, a Romanian advocacy network promoting the principles of good governance in culture. She is a certified project manager and evaluator of grant proposals and has worked as an evaluator of cultural projects application for the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. Starting 2009, Raluca constantly collaborated with diverse cultural organisations and project management, consultant for fund-raising from grants, researcher and facilitator. She occasionally publishes articles about cultural policy, good governance, management of EU funds and transparency.


Bianca Floarea

Bianca majored in cultural management and cultural policy at the University of Arts in Belgrade and in European cultural studies at the University of Bucharest. She has been working in the cultural sector, in non-governmental organisations from Romania and Belgium (Ecumest, Culture Action Europe, Platform for Intercultural Europe) and in public institutions (in the Romanian Cultural Contact Point), for the past seven years. In 2010 she coordinated a research on what intercultural dialogue means in the projects financed by the EU Culture Programme, on behalf of the Bruxelles-based Platform for Intercultural Europe. Bianca’s areas of expertise are cultural projects management, organisational development through cooperation initiatives and cultural policies in Europe.


Ștefania Ferchedău

Ștefania Ferchedău is a manager in the field of performing arts. She has an over 10-year experience in the development of projects in the field of performing arts, cultural management and policies, and transversal (artistic education and intervention), some of these with an important international cooperation component. She has an extensive experience in fundraising from both public and private funders from Romania and abroad, and in the last years she counts two grants from the Culture programme of the EU, awarded to Gabriela Tudor Foundation in Bucharest, as project leader. In 2012 she opened together with choreographer Cosmin Manolescu the ZonaD dance space in Bucharest. Presently, besides the programming and initiatives in the frame of ZonaD, she works as a management and artistic consultant for various projects and organisations. Since 2010 she is member of the informal network the Coalition of the Independent Cultural Sector, being involved in numerous advocacy initiatives for the NGO sector since 2003. She is the Romanian partner of the Aerowaves network, which promotes European emerging choreographers. Previous affiliations include the ECUMEST Association (2003-08), the Romanian Cultural Institute New York (2008-10), the Romanian Cinematheque (2002-03). In 2006-07 she was member of the artistic board of the National Dance Centre Bucharest. She followed the courses of the MA in Cultural Management from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest (2002-03).


Diana Ciocan

Diana collaborates within UniCult2020 – The International Arts & Culture management and Policy Programme initiated by the Department of Culture of Rijeka (Croatia) and University of Rijeka, as part of the city’s nomination for the European Capital of Culture in 2020. Between 2011 and 2015 she was part of the organizing committee of EUROPAfest – jazz, blues, pop & classic and Bucharest Early Music Festival  – 8th edition and coordinated the first two editions of Bucharest Art week.  Diana holds a BA degree in European Cultural Studies and a MA degree in Project Management – certified by PMI GAC.


Codruța is a passionate art historian, cultural manager and trainer. In 1980 she joined the education staff at the National Museum of Art of Romania, but later moved to keeper of European Art, Scientific Secretary and Editor for the same museum. In 1999 she returned to he first love as Head of Education,giving this department new impetus and a sound contemporary grounding in view of the museum’s reopening following a lengthy restoration process. Between 2001 and 2009 Codruța committed herself to conceiving and implementing a broad range of interdisciplinary cultural projects and programmes as British Council Arts Manager in Bucharest. Many of these included a wide array of cultural and educational training opportunities aimed ether directly at school-age children and teens, students,teachers and professionals. Workshops, training sessions and summer schools involved local as well as international cultural education specialists. From 2009 onward she became involved in mapping the local cultural education sector for KulturKontaktAustria, training and mentoring, project writing and evaluation (she collaborated with the National Cultural Fund Administration, ARCUB – Bucharest’s Cultural Centre, the National Cultural Training Institute, the Romanian National Museum Network). In the meanwhile she developed an ample programme aimed at making the collections of the National Museum of Art of Romania accessible to people with special needs. The projects she conceived andimpl emented grew almost ‘naturally’ from awareness-raising and building an inclusive approach to thespecial needs of sensory impaired children (InclusivArt, financed by the National Cultural Fund) to thedesign of on- and off-line special museum products (ARTtouch și ARTmobile, financed by the Orangefoundation through the programme The World in Colour and Sound). Her interest in digital products isdoubled by a deeply rooted belieb that nothing can replace direct one-to one human contact or the contact with the genuine work of art, be it a sculpture, a theatre performance, a film, or a concert.


Ioana Tamaş – Founding Member (2012-2016)

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